RSE on REM "Republican blood center" of the
Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mission of the center

Ensuring the safety, quality and availability of transfusion care in peacetime and in emergency situations.

  • Organization of donation of blood and its components

  • Procurement of blood and production of its components

  • Production of blood products

  • Quality control of manufactured products

  • Storage and sale of blood products

  • Performing specialized laboratory tests

  • Providing methodological assistance to medical organizations

  • Monitoring the clinical use of donated blood products

  • Creation and refreshment of the republican mobilization reserve of the blood service

  • Conducting HLA research to support organ and tissue transplantation in Almaty, Almaty, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan regions.


An effective and affordable blood service system that meets modern international standards, based on the principles of self-sufficiency in donor blood products and specialized laboratory services, the rationality and effectiveness of their clinical use.


Organization of work on the development of donation, preparation of blood and its components, production and storage of components and blood products, laboratory research in the field of donation and transplantology, production of funds used for laboratory research.