RSE on REM "Republican blood center" of the
Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

How to become a donor

An individual who has reached the age of eighteen, has passed an appropriate medical examination and has no contraindications, and has voluntarily expressed a desire to donate blood and its components, has the right to become a donor.

Everyone can donate their blood at their own enterprise, institution or Republican Blood Center.

The body of an adult contains 5-6 liters of blood, which corresponds to 1/13 or 7-8% of body weight.

Through numerous studies and observations, doctors have proven that taking 400-450 ml of blood or 500 ml of plasma does not affect the body of a healthy person and his ability to work.

The metabolism increases, the mood improves, the skin color of the face, the liver becomes lighter, and the body becomes younger.

Therefore, doctors consider blood donation 5 times a year to be completely harmless with an interval of 2 months of blood donation.