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RSE on REM "Republican blood center" of the
Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Our donors are record holders

1.loyalty to the donation of blood and its components - a donor with a heart of gold (for several years).

  • Nurtugan Nurkhanovich Akmurzaev (82 donations: blood-22; donation, platelet plasma-60)
  • Nasonov Andrey Petrovich (38 donations: blood-5; plasma, platelet donation -33)
  • true happiness (39 donations: blood-11; plasma, platelet donation-28)
  • Takezhan Tulegenovich Utegaliyev (75 donations: blood-2; plasma, platelet donation-67)
  • Adilov Rustem Saparbekovich (47 donations: blood-22; donation, platelet plasma-21)

2. active donor

  • Dmitry Skorodumov (59 donations: blood-19; plasma, platelet donation -40)
  • Shaigozova Kulazhar Kasymbaevna (46 donations: blood-20; plasma, platelet donation -26)
  • Pak Dmitry Alexandrovich (38 donations: blood-8; plasma, platelet donation -28)
  • Uteubayev holiday (68 donations: blood-17; plasma, platelet donation -51)
  • Turgalieva Dinara Turgalievna (84 donations: blood-20; plasma, platelet donation -51)

3. responsible donor

  • Kitabbayev Aidos Amanzholovich (37 donations: blood-9; plasma donation, platelets -27)
  • Yakhin Rinat Flaritovich (26 donations: blood-14; plasma donation, platelets -12)
  • kan Alexander Anatolyevich (28 donations: blood-10; plasma, platelet donation -15)
  • Mukhamedzhanova Zhanylkhan Sultanovna (32 donations: blood-11; plasma, platelet donation -18)
  • Zeynolla Mukhtar (40 donations: blood-8; plasma, platelet donation -32)

4. record holder for blood donation and its components

  • Rakmyshev keleshek Jamshitbekovich (61 donations: blood-28; plasma donation, platelets -33)
  • Bektenbayev Kuanysh Muratovich (42 donations: blood-13; plasma, platelet donation -29)
  • Saparov Amangeldy Imanbayevich (41 donations: blood-9; plasma, platelet donation -32)

5. record holder for platelet count

  • Baiuzakov Abay Mambetalievich (44 donations: blood-23; plasma donation, platelets -21)
  • Abdibayeva Assel Kanatovna (37 donations: blood-4; plasma donation, platelets -33)
  • Abenbenebulan Abylkasymovich (43 donations: blood-16; plasma donation, platelets -27)
  • Nurtayev Askar Amanzholovich (52 donations: blood-25; plasma, platelet donation -27)

6. record holder among rare groups

  • Samsonov Evgeny Anatolyevich (51 donations: blood-40; plasma, platelet donation -11)
  • Belousov Alexey Vladimirovich (26 donations: blood-12; plasma, platelet donation -14)
  • Kruchevskaya Elena Igorevna (23 donations: blood-15; plasma, platelet donation -8)
  • Elmuratov Alimardon Taimuratovich (33 donations: blood-9; plasma, platelet donation -24)

7. family charity

  • the Karabekov family
  • Efimov family
  • Asenkanov family
  • Saitov family
  • Litvinenko family

8. I am a volunteer and proud (volunteer organization and biker club)

  • Abdulkhakimova Dayana Anvarovna
  • izade Parvin Talib Oglu
  • Ilya Brezhnev
  • Nigmetullin Bauyrzhan Sayinovich
  • Konstantin Cheremisin

9. best donor campaign organizer

  • Dikanbayeva Elvira Borisovna-head of the payment approval and Control Department.
  • Umbetov Kuanysh Orynbasarovich-head of the blood cabinet of the Ncpidh
  • Abakhanova Gulzhian Gazizovna-trade union committee of AF Kazpost JSC" Almaty Post Office "
  • Ishchanova Gulnara Rustembekovna-BCC transfusiologist.
  • Orazbayeva Leila Abitkhanovna-inspector of the security service of the CHPP ales
  • Ermekbaeva Darikha Ongarbayevna-head of the Medical Center of Suleiman Demirel University

10. best Organization of the year

  • RSE "Kazakh forest management enterprise" - director Zhakashev Auyeskhan Abilkhanovich
  • JSC "physical therapy" - Chairman of the Management Board Grigory Pletnikov
  • RSE on PCV "Yafi" - General Director Karakozov Batyrzhan Kumekbaevich
  • University. Suleiman Demirel-Rector Kuanysh Asylkhanovich
  • Kazakhtelecom JSC-Chairman of the Management Board Yessekeyev Kuanyshbek Bakytbekovich
  • -head of the state institution "RPBSTIN" Dauylbekov Dulatbek Serikkalievich
  • branch of JSC "Intergas Central Asia" MGP "Almaty" - director Tyumebayev Nurzhan Bakytzhanovich
  • Kazpost JSC "Almaty Post Office" - Director Amanshayev Alisher Yermekovich
  • -Head of the Department of Treasury for Almaty Bagdat Kalizhanov
  • IBK Aksai LLP - General Director Barlybayeva Zarina Kanatbekovna

11. young, active donor

  • Sauletovich (18 donations: blood-7; plasma, platelet donation-18)
  • Appaz Edil Tursynuly (12 donations: blood - 3;plasma, platelet donation - 9)
  • Mordvinova Maria Olegovna
  • Baktybay Maigul
  • Bukenova Aidana Zharkynovna (6 donations: blood-3; plasma, platelet donation-3)