RSE on REM "Republican blood center" of the
Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Organizational and methodological Department


Head of the organizational and methodological department

Higher medical education

In 1993, graduated from the Almaty State Medical Institute named after S.D.Asfendiyarov in speciality "Medicine".

In 1994-1997, studied full-time postgraduate studies at the department of pathological physiology of the Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov.

In 1998, defended her PhD thesis on the topic: "Pathogenetic correction of lead-induced heart disturbances", awarded the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences.

From 1993 to 2024, worked as an assistant, lecturer, associate professor of the Department of Pathological Physiology of the Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D.Asfendiyarov.

During work at the Department of Pathological Physiology, over the years she was a member of the appeals commission for intermediate state control, senior curator of the department responsible for research work, QMS of the department, intra-departmental quality control of the educational process.

Public work at KazNMU after S.D.Asfendiyarov:

2001-2006 Secretary of the University's qualification commission for awarding academic titles.

2002-2004 Chairman of the Educational commission of the Pediatric Faculty.

2004-2006 Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty of the contractual department.

2015-2023 member of the Committee of educational programs of the School of Pharmacy "Pharmacy and technology of pharmaceutical production".



Main tasks:

  • providing advisory and methodological assistance to employees of the structural divisions of the RBC and Republican medical organizations on blood service issues;
  • monitoring of the performance indicators of the structural divisions of the Republican Blood Center;
  • carrying out analytical work on the dynamics of monitoring the indicators of production activity of the structural divisions of the enterprise;
  • provision of information and analytical assistance in the preparation and publication in the media of various informative and reference materials on the development of donation, transfusion care, laboratory research, laboratory support of transplants



Main functions:

  • participation in the development of methodological and regulatory documents on the production activities of the RBC;
  • participation in the development of enterprise work plans;
  • planning and organization of seminars and conferences on blood service issues for employees of the RBC and transfusiologists;
  • analysis of the production indicators of the blood center and provision of information to the director of the RBC