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RSE on REM "Republican blood center" of the
Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Organizational and methodological Department


Head of the Department of Public Relations and Statistical Analysis of the RSE at the Republican Blood Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Высшее медицинское образование

В 1995 году закончила Алматинский Государственный медицинский институт им. С.Д. Асфендиярова по специальности «Лечебное дело».

С 1995 г. по 1997 г. работала врачом – ординатором в областном противотуберкулезном диспансере г. Талдыкорган.

С 1997 г. по 1999 г. обучалась в клинической ординатуре на кафедре фтизиопульмонологии Казахского Национального медицинского университета по специальности - фтизиатрия.

В 1999 г. работала в качестве научного сотрудника отделения эпидемиологии и микробиологии Национального центра проблем туберкулеза.

С 1999 г. по 2007 г. занимала должность врача-фтизиатра в противотуберкулезном санатории «Каменское Плато».

С 2012 г. по 2019 г. работала в качестве участкового врача-фтизиатра, заведующего взрослым отделением в городском противотуберкулезном диспансере Медеуского района г. Алматы, Центре фтизиопульмонологии г. Алматы.

В 2019 г. – врач – фтизиатр профильных кабинетов клинико-диагностического отделения Городской студенческой поликлиники.

С 2019 г по 2022 г. работала в должности главного эксперта отдела мониторинга качества медицинских услуг филиала по г. Алматы НАО «Фонд социального медицинского страхования».

Main tasks of OSA&S:

Public Relations and Statistical Analysis is created for:

  • providing advisory and methodological assistance to employees of structural units of the RCC and Republican medical organizations on blood services;
  • monitoring of indicators of production activity of structural divisions of the RCC;
  • implementation of analytical work to assess the state and dynamics of development of the Blood Service;
  • providing information and analytical assistance in the preparation and publication in the media of various informative and reference materials on the development of donation, transfusiology.

The Public Relations and Statistical Analysis Department performs the following functions:

  • participation in the development of methodological and regulatory documents for the Blood Service;
  • participation in the development of RCC work plans;
  • planning and organizing seminars, conferences on Blood Service issues for RCC staff and transfusion doctors;
  • analysis of performance indicators of the blood center and providing information to the director of the RCC;

Department Head:

  • manages the department's employees in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • organizes the organizational and methodological work of the department and effective interaction with other structural divisions in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, as well as to strengthen production discipline;
  • plans the work of the department and analyzes the performance indicators;
  • efficiently and in a timely manner executes orders, orders and instructions of the management;
  • provides advisory and organizational and methodological assistance to employees in their specialty;
  • creates conditions for advanced training of department employees, promotes the rational use and development of their professional knowledge and experience, as well as working conditions, safe and favorable for life and health, the formation of a favorable psychological atmosphere in the team;
  • is responsible for the decisions made, the safety and efficient use of property;
  • ensures compliance with the requirements of the internal labor regulations, compliance with medical ethics, fire safety, sanitary and epidemiological regime;
  • participates in the preparation of reports, information and analytical materials;
  • systematically improves their qualifications;
  • during the absence of the head of the department, his duties are performed by a specialist of the structural unit from the reserve assigned by the order of the director of the enterprise;
  • the head of the department or the person performing his duties has the right to sign documents sent on behalf of the department on issues within his competence;
  • the department carries out its activities in cooperation with other structural divisions of the enterprise, as well as within its competence with third-party organizations.